Wrench ring

We accumulate wire hangers from the dry cleaners.  Nowadays we try to bring anything we are getting dry-cleaned in on a wire hanger, so we are re-using them, but we still have a number of excess hangers we don’t use for clothes.  I have found a lot of uses for them in the garage — one has been cut and stretched out to make a long hook for grabbing stuff I drop behind the work bench; others were used to make Halloween ghosts out of old strips of cloth; but one thing I use a lot if this wrench hanger:

I just cut a wire hanger at one “shoulder” and about half-way across the straight part on the bottom, then bent the thing into a ring, and bent the two ends into hooks.  The big hook lets it hang on a nail on the wall, and the two little hooks at the cut ends let me “lock” it closed.

I don’t know what to call this.  Basically I had a bunch of combination wrenches and wanted to keep them organized a little better.  So, it is something like a key ring … let’s call it a wrench ring.